US Version VS International Version Smartwatch

One of the reasons smartwatches are trending is because they provide users’ location, good for sporting activities, provide health statistics, and many other things that smartphones cannot provide. 

Note that there are some smartwatches that are standalone devices designed for a particular purpose, such as collecting and displaying health statistics of the user and monitoring their heart rate.

But What is the Difference between US Version and International Version Smartwatch?

A lot of people are confused about the difference between the US version and the international version of Smartwatch. So to give a clear answer to this confusing question, we would like to say that there’s no unlocked USA version.

The US version is meant for the US carriers, while the international versions are unlocked for different carriers. Another thing is there’s a Snapdragon processor in the US version, while those meant for the international market comes with the Samsung Exynos processor.

What Does International Version Mean on a Smartwatch?

The meaning of international version when it comes to smartwatches indicates that such version was designed for the international market and not meant for the U.S. market. Though sometimes they may work with some carriers in the U.S. that have compatible networks. 

Our advice is that before you purchase any smartwatch, ensure that you examine it first to avoid buying an incompatible smartwatch.

What is the International Model of the Galaxy Watch 4?

International Model of the Galaxy Watch 4

If you have the intention of buying a Samsung Galaxy watch 4 and you are confused about how you can get the international version, then note that the international version is called SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 Classic R890 46mm Smartwatch GPS WiFi.

This international version comes with features that keep you connected to calls, monitor your heart rate, send and receive texts, notifications, provide heart statistics, and provide music streaming. The good thing is that you can have access to all these with a simple tap.

You can also have the convenience of selecting Google services and apps on the smartwatch. You can pay for coffee at ease, there’s Bixby, ability to stream music via YouTube, you can get directions to the park. It is also very fashionable, as it comes in a sleek and lightweight design which can be customized.

The international version of Galaxy Watch 4 is designed to move with the trendy, because it matches the mood of users and their outfits.

Another feature is that the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic SM-R890 46MM international version is compatible with Android Phones that run on Android 6.0 version and Above. Please note that it is not compatible with iOS.

Will US Smartwatches Work in India?

Many Smartwatch users wonder if their US smartwatch will work in India. We are here to let you know through this article that it won’t work with cellular carriers in India. The reason is that the hardware it comes with doesn’t support the LTE bands in India.

However, there’s a way to make and receive calls while using the US version of Smartwatch in India. The way is the activation of the eSim from Jio. Once done properly, it will connect seamlessly without much effort.

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Is It Possible to Change the Region of the Galaxy Watch 4?

Even though people are asking what is the difference between the US version and the international version smartwatch, they are still asking is it possible to change the region of the Galaxy Watch 4? Our answer is that it is very possible.

So below are some steps to change the region of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 device:

1.       First, you need to open the Dialer on your Galaxy Watch

2.       Then dail *#272*719434266344#

3.       Once done, a dialog box will pop up on your Watch, you should then press OK

4.       When you check through the list that opens, you’ll see different region

5.       Choose one and click on it to change the region of the device

6.       Note that the region for the US is XAA, so choose it and install it if you want US

7.       Just ensure you select the right region because it can’t be reversed to the previous region once done. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 International Version

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 International Version

Here comes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 international version that looks almost like the predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4. This newest upgrade comes in the same 40mm and 44mm sizes. Though there are few new strap colors that aren’t in the Watch 4.

The international version of Watch 5 is designed using the Exynos W920 processor chips. It comes with GPS for easy location of your destination, 16GB of internal storage space, 1.5GB of RAM, and contactless payments system. It also includes an optional LTE, and 5ATM of water resistance.

Watch 5 also comes with improved sleep tracking technology. It can detect snoring, you can plan your bedtime, you can also know and track your sleep stages through the 8 animal sleeping symbols that may represent your sleep pattern.


  • It has a better accessibility features
  • The watch is slim, and has a lightweight design
  • It is very durability


  • The battery don’t last
  • The temperature sensor doesn’t work well
  • Minimal upgrades

Samsung Watch 3 International Version

Samsung Watch 3 International Version

The Samsung watch 3 international version happens to be the only smartwatch with a specific rotating bezel to navigate between apps. The watch comes with a large screen, but lighter and thinner for more comfort.

It is easy to see and focus on happenings using its larger screen since it has a subtle rotating bezel. This watch model is thinner and smaller, and comes in a sleek design due to its reduced frame.


  • It has a slimmer and tiny design than the original
  • It has a rotating bezel
  • It has FDA-approved ECG readings


  • The blood pressure readings doesn’t work in U.S.
  • The battery doesn’t last


We hope you’ve found the answer to the question: what is the difference between the US version and international version smartwatch? Today’s article has shown all you need to know about their differences. Note that there is no unlocked US version smartwatch. 

The US version of the smartwatch comes with the Snapdragon processor chip, while the international version comes with Samsung Exynos processor.