How To Insert Sim Card In Smartwatch DZ09?

Smartwatches function as mobile phones, it is so convenient for everyone, and you can answer your phone calls with the help of a smartwatch without using your phone .there is no Problem is how to use the smartwatches as a mobile phone and how to insert sim card in smartwatch DZ09, which watch is suitable for Sim card installation? 

You must buy a Smartwatch compatible with your mobile phone; not all smartwatches have carriers. To insert the SIM card, first, you need to check the provided slot in your smartwatch to buy the accurate size and shape of the SIM card. What SIM card is suitable for Smartwatch DZ09? After completing the study, you can insert the SIM card successfully. 

How to insert a sim card in a smartwatch DZ09?

You will follow the steps to insert a SIM card in DZ09 👍

  • First, remove the back cover of the smartwatch to take to the battery 
  • You will find a slot for a SIM card and a micro SD card slot.
  • Pull out the lid cover to place the SIM card in the provided slot in the smartwatch.
  • Press the SIM Card tightly and press the lid to lock the sim.
  • Install the battery again and place the outer cover of the smartwatch to close the intelligent watch properly 
  • Press the power button to turn on the Smart Watch.

DZ09 sim card not working –  Solution

How To Insert Sim Card In Smartwatch DZ09?

You will need to use a code number on your smartwatch to solve the problem. 

A straightforward, easy implementation method will be fruitful for all.

  • Turn on your smartwatch 
  • Go to the call option on your screen 
  • Press the call Icon you will see the dial box 
  • Dial the code that is *#1263#.
  • You will see a number on your screen; delete the number.
  • Dial any phone number on the dialer, and you will see a save option; tap the save option. 
  • Turn the smartwatch and press the power on button to power off the watch.
  • Now press the power on button again, and your smartwatch will start working with a SIM card.

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How do I set up my DZ09 Smart Watch without a SIM card?

  • First, download the Bluetooth App on your watch. 
  • Go into the settings option and press tap on the accessibilities option 
  • Scroll down toward the bottom 
  • You will find the BT notification; turn on the BT notification
  • Move towards the Bluetooth settings, and turn on the blue tooth here.
  • You will find the visibility option, click it and search for a new device 
  • As it will pick up your phone, it’s done; connect it and pair it 
  • Allow permission to calls and phone logs 

It is ready now. You can answer calls and messages without using the phone while doing your essential work.

What kind of SIM card do I need for my dz09 smartwatch?

Everyone has a common issue about the SIM card size and type for the DZ09 smartwatch. Before buying the SIM Card correctly, study your smartwatch. 

Sim cards are available in micro and Nano Sim Cards; Nano is a minor SIM card, which is inappropriate for the DZ09 smartwatch. 

A slot for a SIM card is available in your smartwatch as you will remove the battery. You need to place the Micro SIM card according to the available space. It will fix well. 

Simply click the SIM card tray. It will move forward and open up the cover to place the SIM Card. Cover it and close the watch to power it on function.

My DZ09 smartwatch SIM is blocked. How can I unblock it?

There is a simple method to unblock the DZ09 smartwatch. Power on the smartwatch to turn it on.

Go to the contact options in your smartwatch and tap the phone icon. A dialer box will open.

Enter a code of *#1236# in dialer .A number will appear on the dialer; delete that number.

Now dial any number you want to dial, go to the save option, tap the save option and turn off the smartwatch by pressing the power button. 

After a few seconds of power on the smartwatch, you will notice your SIM card will be working in your smartwatch again.

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Best sim cards for dz09 smartwatch

How To Insert Sim Card In Smartwatch DZ09?

Nano SIM cards or micro SIM cards are seen in smartwatches. Most SIM cards are already available with the watches but only with some watches. 

A Nano SIM card is physically smaller than a normal  (2FF) SIM card or Micro-SIM (3FF) card. A Nano-SIM’s electric contacts and chip are similar to a normal  SIM card; the plastic part is better.

The best SIM Cards for smartwatches are Micro SIM Cards.

Appropriate option with unlocked 2G, 3G, 4G 5G LTE Smartwatches. A main and important function is this SIM Card will work on SMARTWATCHES ONLY. Using it with any other gadget or mobile /watch will not work, and the SIM Card will be automatically disconnected.


An exciting topic about how to insert sim card in smartwatch DZ09. Like we can attend calls without picking up mobile phones, and we can see messages even when mobiles are not allowed to be used. The problem occurs when people need to learn how to insert SIM cards and which SIM card is suitable for their watch or DZ 09 smartwatch.

Micro SIM Cards are best for DZ09 smartwatches. You can use the functions without a SIM card. If you have activated the Bluetooth notification app in your smartwatch, even then, you can use the updated functions of the DZ09 smartwatch. The method of inserting the SIM card has been discussed in detail. You need to follow the steps carefully.