How To Fix U8 Smartwatch?

It has become very important to know how to fix the u8 smartwatch. Smartwatches have been trending for the past few years due to their features and how they enhance our daily lives. 

There’s huge demand for these devices which has made many watch companies entering the market producing new devices. 

Unfortunately, these devices develop problems sometimes, and when they do, how do you get them fixed?

There are ways you can get your U8 Smart Watches fixed. Note that smartwatches allow you to receive messages easily without checking your phone. 

Before we show you how to fix the U8 smartwatch, let’s know what the U8 Smartwatch is…

What is U8 Smartwatch?

U8 Smartwatch

U8 Smartwatches are smart devices that give you the ability for making and receiving phone calls, monitor your heartbeat, to send and easily receive text messages, stream music, and more right from your wrist. Smartwatch comes with many other features, you can track your fitness activity, watch videos and take photos, and even play music. However, you’re required to pair the watch with your smartphone before you can use these features.

Once you have U8 smartwatch, you don’t need to pull off your phone from your pocket to read messages from Facebook and Twitter, because you can receive all notifications right on your wrist. Also, U8 comes with the following features: Bluetooth music player, remote camera, calories, sleep monitoring, pedometer, anti loss, and more.

The U8 Smartwatch media controls allows you to enjoy your favorite music and skip tracks easily. Whenever you are using it to control the music player, the music tracks will play via the watch’s speaker.

Now that you know about the U8 Smartwatch and its features, let’s learn how to fix it.

Here’s How to fix U8 Smartwatch

In case your U8 Smartwatch is malfunctioning like getting an error message, lagging, freezing up, or something similar, then it needs fixing. Below are the steps to take to actually get it working again.

If your U8 Smartwatch is giving issues then go ahead and :

1. First, turn your smartwatch over to the back.

2. You will find a small pin hole at the back of the metal plating. You will see it at the lower right corner, this depends on how you’re holding the device.

3. Then find a blunt pin and ensure the pin is straight enough and insert it into the hole and hold it there for around 30 seconds or until the device makes a chime sound.

4. Once this happens, your device should start back up.

5. In case the Smartwatch was frozen or it wasn’t responding when you were using it, then it should be working perfectly now after this procedure.

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How Do I Reset My u8 SmartWatch?

If you’ve been looking for ways to reset your device, and have been asking how to reset my u8 SmartWatch, then there’s a solution for you. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

1.       First, you need to turn on your device, and to do this, press and hold the side button for about 5 seconds.

2.       Once done, input an invalid passcode 3 times in a row. Then you should wait for 15 seconds.

3.       Then input an invalid passcode again, the same way you did before. Then wait for about 15 seconds.

4.       Input another invalid passcode 3 times in a row for the last time, and wait for 15 seconds.

5.       Your device will pop-up a card asking you to Factory Reset the watch. Now tap on the checkmark, or Done button.

6.       Immediately after the Factory Reset is completely done, you’ll be required to pair your U8 watch to your phone.

7.       But make sure you remove the Smartwatch name from the Bluetooth cache before you pair it to the app.

How Do You Fix a SmartWatch That Won’t Turn On?

Here’s a solution to those who are asking how do you fix a SmartWatch that won’t turn on? Just follow the instructions here:

1. First, examine your watch’s hardware

«  Ensure you have been using the original power adapter and charging cable. This is because using different Cable accessories may damage it.

«  Ensure that you have taken off all of the plastic packaging your watch came with.

«  Then ensure the watch’s charging pins on the cradle and watch are clean enough. However, to be sure it’s clean, wipe them lightly using a damp soft cloth.

«  Now ensure that the charging pins aren’t bent.

«  Make sure there’s no dust in the micro USB port. But if there’s, then blow them out gently.

2. Take off the black plastic and battery

Go to the circular port area on your watch and take off the black plastic. First take off the battery from its slot and any other components.

3. Clean Your Smartwatch Ports

Most times you will find debris, dirt, and dust building up in your watch’s charging port. Note that on every Smartwatch that has ports, this happens. So there’s a need to have the port cleaned for your watch to charge again.

4. Plug the device

Once you have finished cleaning the device, replace the battery and screw the cover back in place. Then you can charge the watch for about 30 minutes. Once done, you can turn it on. Your watch should turn on if well done. But if it doesn’t, then take it to a technician.

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How Do I Pair My U8 SmartWatch?

For those who just purchased a U8 smartwatch for its specs, and want to know how to pair it, then there’s a solution. Just like how to fix a U8 Smartwatch, pairing your watch is very easy too. There are several ways you can pair your U8 Smartwatch.

1.       You can pair it using the Bluetooth connection. Just open the Settings app via your Android phone and go to Bluetooth.

2.       Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on and ensure you turn on the device and then turn on pairing mode.

3.       Once done, your smartwatch will show up as “u8” on your Android phone.

4.       Then tap it to be connected. Note that it can still be connected through a USB cable.

How To Update the U8 Smartwatch Firmware

Learning how to update U8 Smartwatch firmware is very easy, all you have to do is follow the instructions below. But before you start, you need to disable your antivirus and you have upgraded firmware to Windows 7 program. 

U8 Smartwatch App

U8 Smartwatch App

Would you want to know some of the best U8 smartwatch apps for today? Well, we have listed a few of the most popular and important ones you will need for your day to day life. Below are a few U8 smartwatch apps that you’ll need.

App In The Air

The App in the Air happens to be one of the best dedicated smartwatch apps meant for those who like flying; we mean those travelers who loves exploring the world via air. This app gives you the possibility of booking your flights easily, you can check status, you can even search for destination tips and navigate different airports.

App In The Air will help you with map locations, it has GPS and makes use of Artificial Intelligence in filtering and showing you flight booking options. You can also book cabs and rides using this app especially from airports to hotels. All these can be done completely via your smartwatch once the app is installed.


Fitbit’s Sense 2 may not provide you with the premium design you get from Pixel Watch, but this app will provide you with health features that you won’t find on Google’s premium smartwatch. This app is a stress management app that combines data from a new cEDA sensor, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and comes with a body temperature sensor that allow you to know what caused your stress.


Lifesum happens to be one of the best U8 smartwatch app on this list die to it’s ability to keep track of whatever you eat or drink throughout the day. It comes with an image recognition system that has the ability to identify all ingredients in food automatically and it also helps in calculating the calories on the meal depending on the portion size.


As you can see, smartwatches have come to stay. The have become an essential part of our day to day lives. What could be the hook? Could it be the many features? Whatever it is, we honestly believe that it has changed the way we live. But what will happen when they get bad?

Today’s article have shown you all you need to know about how to fix U8 smartwatch the easy way. With your U8 smartwatch, you can monitor your heartbeat, watch videos, send and easily receive text messages, take photos, stream music, track your fitness activity, and more right from your wrist.