How Much Data Does A Smartwatch Use?

You have just purchased a new smartwatch and you are probably asking, how much data does a smartwatch use? The truth is that smartwatches may likely be using less data than mobile phones. This is because the type of apps used in smartwatches are very limited.

Some of the reasons smartwatches were made is to help track fitness, make calls, monitor your heartbeat, and more, instead of making use of mobile phones that drain data due to games, videos, and social media applications.

Even though Smartwatches make use of less data, there are other things you would need to know about how much data you need. Let’s continue…

Is 500MB enough for a Galaxy Smartwatch or not?

The answer could be a yes or no, depending on how you want to use your watch. For some, 500MB is more than enough, and for others, especially those who stream music and videos, it may not be enough.

Note that you can browse the internet for about 6 hours with 500MB of data to stream over 100 songs or to watch about 1 hour of video.

Do Smartwatches use much Data?

The amount of data your smartwatch will make use of will depend on what you use your smartwatch for. Smartwatches don’t consume data the way smartphones do. However, if you have a standalone smartwatch that comes with a sim card, then you’ll spend more data as you stream music and video, plus other services.

This simply means that if you use your smartwatch for just regular updates and notifications, then data usage won’t be much. Note that you don’t have to buy separate data when you have already connected your phone to a smartwatch. So you shouldn’t worry about smartwatches using too much data.

Do Smartwatches Need a Data Plan?

Do Smartwatches Need a Data Plan?

No! This is because most of the smartwatches in the market do not require a data plan except the smartwatch is standalone and comes with the ability to connect to the internet on its own. Even if it does have the option of connecting to the internet on its own, you may still not need a data plan to use the smartwatch.

The reason is that most smartwatches make use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity which can come from your phone or other devices. So with this connectivity, you can make calls, send text messages, play music, watch videos, use apps, and others.

Although having a data plan that’s active will allow you to enjoy extra features. But it’s not compulsory to use most features on your smartwatch.

Can I Leave My Phone at Home and Use My Smartwatch?

Yes, it is very much possible to leave your phone at home or office and still make use of your smartwatch especially when performing basic tasks. But if you make use of a smartwatch that comes with cellular connectivity and there’s Wi-Fi connection around, then you’ll be able to make use of all features in your smartwatch even in the absence of your phone.

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Can You Use a Smart Watch Without Internet?

Yes, you can use a smartwatch without the internet. This is because many smartwatches on the market are developed to connect with other devices with Internet connection. So in case your smartwatch and phone is not connected over the Internet, there are still some basic features you can use which are:

1.       Ability to tell time and display the date.

2.       You can set up an alarm.

3.       You can make use of the stopwatch.

4.       Ability to use the timer.

5.       You can view your calendar for today.

6.       You can see your heart rate

7.       You can place your watch in airplane mode.

Does a Smartwatch Consume More Data Compared to Regular Smartphone Use?

No, it is not possible for your smartwatch to consume more data than your smartphone. The reason is because smartphones come with lots of apps designed to run on the background which drains data.

On the other hand, smartwatches are meant to track your fitness, make calls, check heartbeat, and substantially make use of less data.

5 Tips to Save Data On Your Smartwatch

Tips to Save Data On Your Smartwatch

No one would want to be spending too much on data usage, so here are tips on how to save the data on your smartwatch.

1. Minimize the usage of some apps

There are some smartwatch apps that may be using lots of data than you know. These apps comes with options and settings that allow you to control your data usage especially when you’re out.

2. Activate data alerts and limits

It is important to check your data usage on your smartwatch by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data > Current Period. You should ensure to switch on Cellular Data if not turned on.

3. Connect to a Wi-Fi

Whenever you find Wi-Fi around, just use it. You may find it at home, at the office, and some public places such as the library. Note that some of the Wi-Fi may want you to accept their terms and conditions if you want to connect, especially if it’s your first time connecting. But after the first connection, it will automatically connect next time when you’re in range.

4. Turn off your GPS when not in use

GPS is one of the few apps that drains data running on your smartwatch background. So always make sure to check your location settings and keep it off after use.

5. Try limiting background data

If you want to save data, limit some apps running on the background. They are one of the biggest things that drains your data on smartwatch. The ability for your watch to automatically download all new app updates is one of the examples of apps running on the background.

You can enable all updates only when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Smartwatches That May Require Separate Data Plans

If you have the intention of purchasing smartwatches that may require separate data plans, then here are some of the best standalone smartwatches that you can find on the market:

Huawei Watch 3

Apple Watch Series 7

Galaxy Watch 5

Galaxy Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 6

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How Can I Ensure That My Smartwatch’s Data Remains Safe?

With your smartwatch, you can collect and display contextual data in an easy way. But how can you ensure that your watch’s data isn’t compromised?

Below are 4 ways to make your data remain safe.

  • Activate settings that deter theft
  • Save your data on the cloud
  • Make sure to update your smartwatch software regularly
  • Make use of App data security

What is an eSIM and What Does it Mean For my Smartwatch?

An eSIM happens to be an embedded or a virtual SIM card that you can not remove from your smartwatch just like the physical sim card. The eSIM was designed for convenience’s sake, especially for people who don’t want to use a physical sim card.

Here’s the advantages of using eSim in a Smartwatch

  1. Ability to choose Between Separate and Duplicate Numbers
  2. You can have direct Access to Calling and Internet
  3. Changing of Network Operator is easy


As you can see, smartwatches are one of the vital accessories to use in our daily life if you want to be organized. But how much data does a smartwatch use? This is one of the questions people always ask, and we are glad to have answered it here.

Note that the amount of data your smartwatch will use depends on what you’re using it for. However, there are some smartwatches that comes with lots of features that give you enough options to choose from.