How Long Does It Take To Charge A Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is an updated version of a watch and digital device. It is just like a wrist watch having computerized functions. It will help you display the exact timings, and you can answer your phone calls and access emails, text messages, weather reports, music, news etc. another primary function is easy to install a Bluetooth app.

Smartwatches are more in demand nowadays, but they are pretty expensive. To keep them active and safe, you need to charge them as per their build and requirement. The charging time of smartwatches varies from one another. Some smartwatches take less time, and some take more time to charge.

The type of watches and the type of chargers also affect charging time. The battery is another essential component of the smartwatch; if you have the best quality battery for your smartwatch, it will help quick charging and stay longer. It is necessary to read and follow the instructions given by your company about the charging time of your smartwatch.

Factors that Affect Smartwatch Charging Time

Battery capacity 

If you have a smartwatch with a high-quality battery, you are lucky as the battery is directly connected to charging capacity and timings. Before buying a smartwatch, check its battery performance and the factors affecting the charging process.

Smartwatch needs a battery to start working; the theme of the battery depends upon its range and how long it will take to charge. Your smartwatch battery always needs to be in active mode or set. Different smartwatches come with varying sizes of batteries. 

Always go for the recommended battery for your specific smartwatch.

Charging method (wireless or wired)

If you want to charge your smartwatch with a cable wire, attach the cable wire to your watch and the other end of the wire to the power source. As your smartwatch is fully charged, take out the wire at once.

If you have a wireless charger, place your watch over it precisely in the charging area. As you will notice, the smartwatch has been charged. Remove the wireless charger. Always keep your watch charging pot and charger. 

Type of smartwatch charger (original vs third-party)

how long does it take to charge a smartwatch

Smartwatch manufacturers do not recommend third-party chargers. Any other company makes these chargers and tests them with branded watches. If they work temporarily well, the third party sells them at lower prices. These charges are available at low prices but do not match the safety standards.

Third-party charges with brands like UGREEN are increasing their demand as per their consistent performance. The original chargers that come with the smartwatches are the best and safe for your smartwatch.

Active Mode 

When your smartwatch is in active mode, it will receive calls and messages, notification reminders, GPS on, music play, weather updates, and other apps installed. The smartwatch uses the battery to run programmes.

Idle mode 

When your watch is in idle mode, it is not in use. The screen light is dim. You must turn off the unnecessary notifications and alerts to avoid the drainage of the battery quickly. Your watch battery will stay longer.

Average Charging Times For Different Smartwatches

If your smartwatch is 0%, it will take a maximum of 2-4 hours, depending on your smartwatch’s model of your smartwatch and battery capacity. Smartwatches use a lot of data which causes battery life. High-quality batteries take less time to charge the watch and stay longer.

Apple Watch

As Apple Watch gives several updated programmes like time checks, notifications and alerts, app usage, and working out minutes, it works for 18 hours daily.

To recharge the Apple watch, you must charge it daily, overnight charging is better. You can save your battery by turning off unnecessary notifications and alerts in idle mode. In this way, your watch will take less time to charge fully.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy watch has quite an efficient process charging time, and the pro model takes 2 hours to charge the battery. Samsung Galaxy 5 and 5 Pro offer too fast charging due to its USB-C Galaxy Watch charger. Samsung Galaxy Watch takes 75 minutes to set. Galaxy 5 Pro takes 90 minutes to charge the battery.

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa provides updated time display features, a calendar, text message, GPS, Notifications, and a Heart rate monitor system for work out. Charging time is 2 hours at 0%.

Tips for Faster Charging Of Smartwatch

how long does it take to charge a smartwatch

Following are the steps for quick charging of smartwatches : 

  1. Turn the Airplane mode while charging the watch. It will help faster charging of the watch.
  2. Charge your smartwatch every night before bed.
  3. Use high-quality, most active chargers to charge your smartwatch fast while you are working and need charging and watch working back quickly.
  4. Avoid high-temperature places for charging the smartwatches; select a ventilated place for keeping your watch on charge.
  5. Use a passcode for your smartwatch because as you untie it from your wrist, it will lock all the systems, and your watch will take less time to charge .in. As a result, you are charging fast as per your desire.

Use of original charger

It is safe and best to use the original chargers for smartwatches, as they come as per the build of the watch and need. It will protect your watch from any damage that may occur due to using another charger. 

Suppose the charger was not provided with the watch from the company or store. In that case, you must buy the high-quality charger after reading the instructions carefully given by the manufacturer to avoid any damage to your watch or battery.

Use of a fast charger

Do not use a fast charging adapter, as it may damage the watch in the long run.

Turn off the smartwatch while charging.

It is appropriate to turn off your watch while charging and turn off the power button till the battery is charged. It will help your watch charge fast.

Keep the smartwatch cool while charging.

While charging, the smartwatch and charger can get hot due to energy or power users, and if it is placed at a hot temperature, it will get worse for the device. Place the watch in a cool place while charging, especially since your location is scorching, to avoid damaging the charger and watch.


This article will tell you about the charging time of a smartwatch effectively. Most smartwatches take 1 to 3 hours to charge a watch, which lies on the watch’s build, model, and charger. If you want to charge your watch quickly, you can use wireless charging that will help to charge the watch in a short time.

We must remember the following tips and methods to have the best results for the most expensive gadgets and their long life. If you want your watch, always offer updated reports, timings, and notifications alerts, and keep it charging at the required time.

Always have a wireless charger cable of good quality with you that is available in the market.

An important reminder is always to select the best charger for your device when the original one is missing or not available with your device while purchasing the device. Cheap chargers are available in the market, but they are dangerous for your smartwatch. They may damage your watch by not providing the required voltage to the device.