Does A Smartwatch Have Its Own Phone Number?

There have been major improvements in modern smartwatches in the last few years. Most smartwatches on the market can now track activities, measure BP, monitor stress, check distances, ECG, monitor skill temperature, and even make and receive calls. But does a smartwatch have its own phone number?

Yes, it’s possible for Smartwatches to have phone numbers. However, this will depend on the type of Smartwatch you have. However, it is worth noting that not all smartwatches have phone numbers. There are Standalone smartwatches with an in-build cellular network that can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, connect to the internet, and receive app notifications.

Note that these types of smartwatches require mini-SIM cards or a Nano-SIM card to function better. The SIM card’s chip comes with all that’s needed to help you connect to the correct network. Purchasing a smartwatch with cellular network can truly increase the inconveniences of receiving lots of notifications with its extra features and synchronizing it with your smartphone.

However, smartwatches with phone numbers come with it’s advantage too. So, before you buy a smartwatch to use as a phone, make sure to check the product info from the watch’s pack. If you couldn’t see cellular or LTE/4G connectivity on it, then know that it won’t be possible to have a phone number.

How do smartwatches connect to smartphones?

Most smartwatches on the market use a smartphone for their connectivity. To connect your watch to a phone, you need to install the app that comes with the smartwatch, which could be Android Wear or Watch from Apple. Once you open the app on your smartphone and turn on your Bluetooth, the next thing to do is to synchronize the watch with your phone. Here’s a practical way to get it done:

1.       Make sure watch is turned on

2.       Now open Wear OS (Android) on your phone

3.       Select “set up”

4.       Go to your watch and select a language and then ensure you tick the terms of service.

5.       Once done, follow the on-screen instructions until you see the name of your watch.

6.       While on your phone, select your watch name.

7.       After selecting the watch name on your phone, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

But note that not all smartwatches will work with all phones. Most smartwatches on the market can only be compatible with Android or iOS phones. This is because some have their own OS and can only work with specific smartphones with the same brand.

How do smartwatches rely on smartphones for cellular connectivity?

does a smartwatch have its own phone number

There are many reasons you shouldn’t throw away your phone in place of a smartwatch. It is worthy to note that smartwatches still rely on phones for cellular network connectivity through Bluetooth or WIFI. Though you can upgrade your smartwatch connection ability without relying on smartphones or Wi-Fi. But you will need a SIM card enabled watch or standalone watches.

No matter how versatile smartwatches are, they still lack many features and functionalities of a smartphone. Your smartwatch will always rely on your phone to be connected to the internet, except you have a standalone watch.

However, even if you have a standalone smartwatch, there’s still a need for a smartphone to add up apps, videos, music, or have access to fitness and health data.

Smartwatches that have their own phone number

As explained earlier, standalone watches are built-in cellular network enabled smartwatches with the ability to have its own phone number. This simply means that you can make and receive calls without the need of connecting to a smartphone. So let’s check out those smartwatches that have their own phone number.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: The Galaxy watch 5 happens to be one of the best standalone watches with the ability to have its own phone number. It comes with lots of features including health and fitness tracking sensors. Infact, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the most complete packaged standalone smartwatch on the market.

The Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE: This is one of few Garmin brand watches with cellular connectivity, and this means that there’s a port to insert a mini sim. This watch is the best cellular-enabled smartwatch anyone can buy for running and training.

The Google Pixel Watch: This is another amazing solution for those who want watches with phone numbers. It offers 4G LTE connectivity, ability to send and receive messages, make and receive calls, health tracking, and many other features.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: One of Samsung’s flagship watches offering one of the best affordable options. It is a standalone smartwatch with the ability to connect to the internet without a smartphone.

The Apple Watch SE 2: This is one of Apple’s most affordable smartwatches on the market with the possibility of having its own phone number. This watch is built on Apple’s ecosystem and comes with several features including health monitoring sensors.

The Apple Watch Series 8: This Apple’s latest smartwatch is another good watch with the ability to use mini sim cards. Apple Watch Series 8 was designed on its predecessor with minor nips and be bought for the same price.

Comparison of capabilities between smartwatches with and without cellular connectivity

Smartwatches with cellular connectivity have the ability to connect to a mobile network on their own. But smartwatches such as Bluetooth watches can only rely on a smartphone to gain access to the internet. With cellular connectivity, you can receive notifications, send messages, and many more.

While watches with cellular connectivity have antennas and modems that can give you all the above features since they connect directly to cellular networks, Bluetooth watches can’t connect directly to a network.

Smartwatches with cellular connectivity allows you to make and receive calls directly without needing a smartphone. But Bluetooth watches will rely on smartphones to do the same. Though there would be no need for earphones, because both versions come with their own speaker and a microphone.

There is lots of freedom when using watches with cellular connectivity, you can leave your phone at home and still have almost all the features a phone has. This indicates that you can send and receive messages instantly, stream music and videos, and use apps that need an internet connection. But you can’t operate your watch when you leave your phone at home, except there’s Wi-Fi around.

Availability and features of cellular connectivity in smartwatches

does a smartwatch have its own phone number

Modern smartwatches are great for our everyday life and most of them offer various features due to multiple sensors used in designing them. Though depending on brand’s and their models, these are some features you would find on smartwatches.

1.       Activity tracking sensors

2.       Click speed adjustments

3.       Options for different display

4.       Ability to access their settings

5.       Heart rate monitor

6.       Comes with Bluetooth, GPS, and Cellular capabilities

7.       Ability to make and receive calls from your wrist

8.       Options for messaging ( text, Emails, MMS, IM, and SMS)

9.       Option for Voice Control

10.   Come with Screen Magnifier

11.   SOS messages

12.   Music streaming

13.   There are vibrating Alerts smartwatches for incoming calls, messages or notifications

14.   There’s Voice Notes and reminders

15.   Ability to resist water

16.   Crash detection

17.   Video streaming

18.   Skin temperature sensor

19.   Weather checker

The advantages of having cellular connectivity in a smartwatch

1.       Cellular network allows you to use a 4G connection without a phone

2.       You have the freedom of leaving your phone at home and still enjoy most features

3.       You can download music and videos online

4.       You can make and receive calls or messages, or get notifications on the move.

5.       Ability to have a separate phone number on the watch

6.       Ability to update apps on smartwatches

The disadvantages of having cellular connectivity in a smartwatch

1.       You become addicted to tech

2.       Too expensive to purchase

3.       Poor battery performance

4.       Low network signals

5.       Limited network coverage

6.       It cost more to get connected to the internet

7.       Smartwatches require skilled engineers to repair, maintain and manage

8.       Device screen is too small

9.       Distracting notifications

How cellular connectivity affects the user experience?

One good thing about cellular connectivity enabled smartwatches is that their networks are high-speed. Not only that, they come with high-capacity voice and data communication networks which enhances their multimedia.

Another thing is that their networks can be used for not just entertainment alone, but they can be used for phone and video calls. There are some smartwatches that have become the main means of communication for business oriented people because they aren’t bulky to go around with.

Cellular connectivity watches have indeed become the lifeline of communications to many users.


Smartwatches have come to stay, and this is due to many features they provide to enhance our day to day lives. But does a smartwatch have its own phone number? Yes, it does have. But the type of watch with such ability is known as standalone watches.

We strongly believe that the future of smartwatch technologies will be improved with the possibility of interconnectivity among these devices. There will be a time when we can seamlessly sync data between smartwatches and mobile phones. With the way watch manufacturers are developing with advancement in technologies, we believe all smartwatches will become Cellular enabled.

However, if you are looking at buying a smartwatch, we suggest you go for one with premium quality. Watches with Cellular connection allows you to connect directly to the internet and have a separate phone number. Bluetooth watches function the same thing with the help of a smartphone.