10 Windows Compatible Smartwatches In 2023

Many smartwatches on the market today are more focused on offering 24/7 health and wellness tracking features. But there are others that provide additional features, such as a touchscreen display, ability to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, install apps and watch faces, and voice assistants.

However, windows compatible smartwatch provide powerful options to help its users get work done via a wearable device. A lot of smartwatch manufacturers do not produce watches that can be used with windows phones. It’s just a few brands such as Fitbit that makes smart watch windows compatible smartwatches.

Remember that sometime in 2015, Microsoft produced two of their own brands of smartwatches. The following year, they stopped producing more. The good thing is that these watches produced were designed to be compatible with both Windows OS, Android and IOS.

Best Smartwatches For Windows Phone 2023

One thing you should note is that a Windows Watch comes with lots of features that will make you feel good. Though it may be difficult to find Smartwatches that are compatible with Windows devices. So today, we will be sharing 10 windows compatible smartwatches in 2023.

1. Fitbit Sense

windows compatible smartwatch

This is one of the best advanced Smartwatches you would find on the market with great features such as Stress Management & Skin Temperature, Heart Health, Carbon/Graphite, and many more. For those who want a Microsoft watch with premium quality, powerful features, and very compatible with other windows devices, then the Fitbit sense would be your best option.

The Fitbit sense looks very appealing and comes with a long lasting battery life that lasts for over 6 days once charged fully. It also contains a built-in Google Assistant and Alexa features that allows you to perform any task you want using voice commands.

This watch has an advanced HR sensor that provides you with your skin temperature, and also has ECG and stress monitoring sensors. If you have been looking for a watch with water-resistant features with the possibility of using it underwater, then get this smartwatch.

Another interesting thing is that it has a bright screen which is well protected with a Gorilla Glass 3. Fitbit sense also comes with a gyroscope, altimeter, and 3-axis accelerometer allowing you to get accurate data while in sports modes.


  • It has ability to monitor your activities daily
  • Comes with advance HR sensors
  • It has a longer battery life with ability to charge within 12 minutes
  • Contain over 20 sports modes
  • Has an in built quality bright screen
  • The watch was built in Deezer, Spotify, and Pandora
  • It is water resistant
  • Good quality speakers and microphones for better calls


  • Has limitation for third-party apps

2. Fitbit Versa 2

windows compatible smartwatch

The fitbit versa 2 happens to be one of the best watches that is compatible with Windows due to its fitness tracking ability. Some people think that it is overrated, but it is perfect for men to watch 2 windows a day and date devices. It has Health and Fitness sensors, and features Heart Rate monitoring sensor, Music, Swim Tracking, Alexa Built-In, and Sleep monitoring sensor.

Versa 2 model has a longer battery life which can last for 6 days. It also has an altimeter, a gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer. Another thing you would love with this watch is that it is waterproof which is very hard to find.

Versa 2 also comes with many sports modes, storage capacity of 2.5 GB, and music player. There’s the ability to set up alarms and timers using digital assistant voice command features. It comes in 6 attractive colors you can choose from.


  • Better battery life
  • It is built-in Alexa
  • Has sleep tracking sensor
  • It is Water-Resistant enabled
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • 90 Days Free Trial of Fitbit Premium
  • Music Controller
  • Colorful display


  •  It has brighter screen with thin bezels
  • It has a water resistance mechanism
  • It’s sleeping and heart rate trackers are accurate.
  • It has a built-in Spotify
  • Music player
  • Ability to choose colors
  • 90 days amazon Alexa premium
  • It has multiple sports modes


  • It doesn’t have GPA, but it uses phone GPS to Track exercise data
  • Difficult to change straps

3. Fitbit charge 3 Smartwatch

windows compatible smartwatch

Here’s one of the best Fitbit Smartwatches that has sold out rapidly with good ratings that’s above 4.5 stars. It has an appealing and stylish look that makes it stand out from other models. The best part is that it is very compatible with Windows-powered devices.

One of the reasons why people love this watch is due to its slim and lightweight design which makes it easy for them to walk around with it without any issue. It was designed using high-quality material along with a waterproof mechanism that allows users to go swimming with it.

Comes with 15 different sports modes which allows you to keep a good track of your performance in any sporting activity. It has the potential for monitoring calories burnt, your steps, and monitors your heart rate.

It is also a windows 11 smart watch, and once you connect it with your mobile, you’ll receive all the mobile notifications via your windows compatible smartwatch.

Watch’s features:

  • 15 sports modes
  • Waterproof mechanism
  • Longer battery life
  • Daily health monitor
  • Ability to receive mobile notifications


  • Good waterproof mechanism
  • Daily activity tracker
  • Longer battery life
  • 15 different sports modes
  • Attractive design


  • Does not have music control
  • You cannot download Apps

4. Fitbit Ionic watch

windows compatible smartwatch

If you’re interested in getting a watch that’s compatible with windows phones and other windows devices, then this is for you. This is because it comes with many attractive features that make it very unique from others. The watch has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure checker, sleeping monitoring sensor, and GPS tracker.

Just like other Smartwatches compatible with Windows devices, it has a gyroscope, Compass, and an accelerometer. The 1.42-inch touchscreen is well protected with quality gorilla glass 3 and good shirts with watch windows. There’s also multiple sports modes and has a storage capacity of 2.5GB, and a longer battery life that lasts at least 4 days once fully charged.


  • Colorful display
  • Designed with waterproof
  • Longer battery Life
  • Has 2.5GB of Storage capacity
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • Audio Player
  • Good Connectivity
  • Realtime Health Monitoring


  • It has a battery that last for 4 days
  • Has it own GPS tracker
  • Come with 5 ATM water resist
  • It’s touchscreen is being protected using Gorilla Glass 3
  • Multiple’s sports modes
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Ability to change straps
  • 2.5GB storage capacity
  • Lightweight design


  • Limited Bluetooth connectivity

 5. Vector Luna Smartwatch

windows compatible smartwatch

Another watch that’s compatible with Windows devices you should have is the Vector Luna Smartwatch. This is one of the best watches that has a longer battery life that lasts at least for 30 days. The watch comes with a sleeping monitor, GPS monitor, and heart rate monitor.

It also has a waterproof design that can resist water, which means that you can wear it even underwater. There’s possibilities of taking and rejecting an incoming call with this smartwatch. One good thing you should note is that it was designed using stainless steel and users have the ability to sync it to Google fit.


  • Longer battery life
  • Ability to change multiple faces
  • Has activity monitor
  • There’s ability to control your mobile notifications
  • It is Water-Resistant
  • Better connectivity


  • It has a 5ATM’s water-resistant feature that allows users to use it even underwater
  • Designed with high quality material
  • It come with multiple watch faces that’s customizable
  •  Ability to receive mobile notifications
  • It’s activity tracker is accurate


  • Contain limited modern features
  • If you’re interested in buying a smartwatch that’s perfectly designed and built with quality, and an amazing high-end premium features, then we recommend you buy this smartwatch.

6. Microsoft band 2

windows compatible smartwatch

Here’s the first Microsoft Band that was designed to be very sleek and discreet, even though it looks tad boring and forgettable. The Microsoft watch Band 2 comes in silver metallic finish on the edges instead of having the same plastic found on the previous model.

Though it’s a little change that has made it visually appealing. This model is much bigger than the first Band, and this means you get a more quality screen display, but it’s less discreet. This model is designed using thermoplastic elastomer silicone vulcanizate, and this means that it comes with soft, durable plastic that would be very smooth on your skin.

The Microsoft watch band 2 has home and action buttons which can be found underneath the screen. However, they are less resistant than the first model and can depress faster and easily. It also comes with a flat screen and more flexible straps.


  • Comes with a built-in GPS
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS
  • It has a customizable workouts
  • Granular breakdown of activity data


  • Its very uncomfortable to wear
  • Limited battery life (2 days)
  • It has data sync problem
  • The watch doesn’t work with Bluetooth accessories

7. Garmin Forerunner 935 Smartwatch

windows compatible smartwatch

Are you in search of a smartwatch that will enhance your personality with the ability to connect to other windows devices? Garmin Forerunner 935 Smartwatch happens to be a sleek and lightweight design watch that’s compatible with Windows. It is also one of the best Windows 10 Smartwatches on the market.

This amazing watch comes with many features that you would love having on your wrist. The watch has a round dial designed with aluminum and lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer which makes it look very sporty. There’s multiple sports modes for users who love sports.

The Garmin Forerunner 935 Smartwatch is water resistant which makes it a perfect choice for those who would like to go for swimming. There’s an HR sensor which helps in measuring your heart rate. The watch also contains an altimeter, a barometer, and an electronic compass for those who love adventure.


  • Good visual display
  • Good quality design
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • Better battery life
  • Amazing connectivity


  • Comes with waterproof design
  • It has multiple sports modes and ability of recording accurate info
  • Has a high quality design
  • It is lightweight
  • Longer battery life
  • Has a heart rate monitor


  • It is a bit expensive

8.  Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch

windows compatible smartwatch

It is generally known that Fitbit watches are on the high side, but if you’re in search of a Fitbit brand of smartwatch that is affordable, stylish and comes with amazing features, then Fitbit versa Lite is the watch to buy. It is one watch with all the premium features that you would love and because it looks very stylish like an apple smartwatch.

Fitbit Versa Lite is a windows compatible smartwatch with lots of features such as having an apple lookalike watch design and a waterproof design. Meanwhile, it has multiple sports modes and comes with heart rate monitoring sensors. It is produced using high-quality material that is scratch-resistant.


  • High quality display
  • It is built with quality
  • Has daily activity Tracker
  • Built with 5Atm Waterproof
  • Longer battery time
  • Comes with15 Sports Modes
  • Has Female Health Tracker
  • Mobile Notification


  • One of the best Microsoft watch for windows phone
  • It has a high screen brightness is very high
  • Designed with strong, quality, and durable material
  • The watch’s touch screen is protected using gorilla glass
  • Has 5Atm waterproof mechanism
  • Comes with 15 different sports modes
  • Has ability to receive mobile notifications


  • It lacks Fitbit payment option for windows phones

9. Garmin Vivomove HR Smartwatch

windows compatible smartwatch

Are you interested in getting a windows compatible smartwatch that can provide you with a load of features? If yes, Garmin Vivomove HR is the best option for you. One good thing about it is that you can find its Windows 4g smart watch replacement parts on the market.

Garmin Vivomove HR watch has a longer battery life that lasts for over 20 days when completely charged and used in only watch mode. But when you activate other features, the battery will last for over 5 days.

Asides it’s battery ability to last longer, it also comes with a heart rate monitoring sensor, a pulse oximeter, and a calorie calculator. There’s also a sleeping monitor and other stress management features.

Watch features:

  • Long battery life
  • Good display
  • Ability to receive notifications
  • Daily health monitoring sensor
  • Waterproof design


  • It has longer battery life while in watch mode only
  • Provides accurate sleep tracking data
  • Stress monitor
  • Daily health monitoring sensor
  • Music player control


  • It doesn’t have mobile payment option
  • Its waterproof mechanism isn’t advanced.

10. Fitbit Aspire HR Smartwatch

windows compatible smartwatch

Here’s another quality designed watch that is not only good looking, compatible with windows devices, but it is also very affordable. The Fitbit Aspire HR Smartwatch is designed with lots of attractive features you may not find in other windows compatible smartwatches on our list. It comes with 15 different sports modes along with a longer battery life that last for over 6 days.

It features an accurate sleep monitoring sensor and a waterproof design which can be used underwater and record accurate data while you swim. Well designed using high quality material along with a GPS monitor for accurate tracking.


  • Sleeky design
  • Built with quality material
  • Waterproof Design
  • Has 15 Different Sports Modes
  • Daily activity tracker
  • Better battery life
  • Good connectivity


  • A unique design
  • Beat lightweight, and attractive watch
  • Has 5atm waterproof design
  • At least 15 different sports modes
  • Comes with a GPS
  • It can connect with Windows, android, and IOS smartphones
  • Longer battery life


  • There’s no mobile payment option

What To Consider When Buying Windows Compatible Smartwatches

There are things you must consider whenever you want to purchase any of the 10 windows compatible smartwatches in 2023, they are listed and explained for your best interest. The aim is to equip you with the right knowledge. So let’s check them out.

Their looks and design

One of the first things to check when buying a smartwatch is how well the design and looks are. You will agree that there are lots of watch designs on the market which makes it even harder to make the right decision for one that’s perfect for your personality.

Another thing you should look out for is the straps. This is because it plays a major role in how well the watch is being designed. You should ensure you buy a smartwatch that has good straps that can be changed easily by yourself. If the straps can be changed, it means you can modify how it looks, especially when the old look of the smartwatch becomes boring.


The most vital feature you should look out for is how well it connects. You wouldn’t want to buy a watch that can’t connect with your windows phone or device. However, all the Smartwatches reviewed above are windows compatible Smartwatches, this means that they will connect perfectly with your windows devices.

Health tracker and sports modes

Many people aim at buying their watches based on the features the watch provides. And some of the best features they look out for include health and fitness tracking ability. So you should go for a smartwatch that provides you with daily health monitoring capability and one with multiple sports modes.

Make sure that the heart rate sensor should be perfect enough to give you accurate information about your health. Check out some vital sports modes that the watch has. The smartwatch should have running, swimming, walking, tracking, and others.


Buying a smartwatch with a water resistance mechanism is one of the most vital features you should check out for. When you buy a watch that lacks this feature, then you run the risk of being damaged especially if you stay around water.

For sportspersons who are into swimming or people who love washing their hands regularly, getting a watch with this feature is a must. It may be irritating to remove the watch whenever you want to wash your hands or dive into the pool.

So we recommend that you buy a smartwatch with ip68 or 5atm waterproof. These are both waterproof standards that allow you to wash your hands and also dive into the pool with the watch.

Lifespan of the battery

Smartwatch battery is very important to how well the watch will perform, even though it still depends on how you use it. If you activate lots of battery draining features, then you may run out of battery sooner than expected.

When it comes to battery, there are premium smartwatches listed above that have longer battery life which will last you for days when in use. You need to buy watches that can last between 5 to 6 days.

However, if your smartwatch charges faster, it will save you lots of time in charging the battery.

How bright the screen is?

Before you buy a smartwatch, make sure to get one with a brighter screen brightness. This is one of the most vital features that requires your maximum attention. For those who love adventure, you may end up spending more time under direct sunlight when looking at the watch due to less brightness. So we recommend you go for a watch that has a brighter screen and an anti-reflective screen.

The building quality

Another thing that matters so much is how the watch was built, this is because it indicates if the watch will be durable or not. It is also the difference between premium and ordinary smartwatches. So before you decide to buy any watch, make sure that it is made with high-quality material, it is lightweight, and will feel comfortable on your wrist.

Atowak Windows Pro Watch

windows compatible smartwatch

The Atowak Window Pro watch, also called Atowak windows pro watch by some, offers a perfectly designed watch with lovely features that you would love. Even though you may find the time a bit harder to read, it still remains a unique and well executed watch with lots of fun!

In case you’re the type that loves unique watches that show it’s time differently and in a funny way, Atowak windows pro watch is for you. The design is colorful and playful but not childish. It was designed with a well balanced dial, though the dial is big enough which makes it easier to input more information.

The producers didn’t input any information not needed, though there’s a UN serial number which some users think isn’t supposed to be there. The designers intentionally made the dial look symmetrical in every way, and you will also have a date there.

It comes with a case that’s well decorated with a feel of art around its 2 rounded edges on the top area which mimics a layer case design. It also has a strap that is designed to match the watch colorwise, but there’s a horizontal white stitching that befits the watch’s case and dial layout making it beautiful.


  • It has a colorful and unique design
  • Designed with a well executed dial
  • Beautiful and lovely case
  • Comes with cool features


  • The movement is poorly finished
  • The watch might be too big for you
  • The time is difficult to read

Windows 11 Watch

Fitbit Inspire HR

windows compatible smartwatch

The Fitbit Inspire HR is one of the best Windows 11 watches that’s worth your money due to its features, eye-catching design, connectivity, and affordable price tag. In case all the qualities mentioned are essential for you, then the Fitbit Inspire HR watch is made for you.

This uniquely designed watch comes with 15 sports modes and a battery life that lasts for 5 days, which will help you a lot. It also has a GPS that provides you with accurate distance monitoring information. The interesting thing about this watch is that it takes 2 hours only to charge from 0 to 100 percent, and can last for 5 days while actively using it.

Fitbit Inspire HR will actively keep you busy whether you are walking, sleeping, running, swimming, or cycling. It comes with a flexible band that makes this watch comfortable to wear. It is built with 5ATM standards, which prevents water from damaging it.

The SmartTrack app is included in this watch, this is what helps in recording data based on your sporting activities and the mode you activate. There’s a 90 days Fitbit Premium free trial whenever you buy this smartwatch. It can track any of your health-related data daily, burns more of your calories, monitors your sleeping pattern, and your heart rate.

 thus allowing you to make lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health. If you’re on a trip, it also detects how far you’ve gone.

The interesting part is that Fitbit Inspire HR can easily connect to your Windows Phone and other Windows devices without issues. It’s even easier for you to access all notifications and messages via the watch when your windows phone is near you.


  • A unique design
  • Beat lightweight, and attractive watch
  • Has 5atm waterproof design
  • At least 15 different sports modes
  • Comes with a GPS
  • It can connect with Windows, android, and IOS smartphones
  • Longer battery life


  • There’s no mobile payment option

Windows 10 Smart Watch

Vector Luna

windows compatible smartwatch

The Vector Luna happens to be an option if you’re interested in buying a watch compatible with windows 10 smart watch. This Smartwatch has a battery life that lasts for 30 days when fully charged. There’s multiple watch faces which you can change simultaneously, and customization is very possible.

Vector Luna smartwatch windows come with a sleeping tracker, calories burner, monitor your heart rate and GPS to monitor your traveling distance. It is built with high quality material and has a 5ATM water-resistant feature, which means you can use it underwater. There’s possibilities for you to accept or reject an incoming call without issues.


  • It has a 5ATM’s water-resistant feature that allows users to use it even underwater
  • Designed with high quality material
  • It come with multiple watch faces that’s customizable
  • Ability to receive mobile notifications
  • It’s activity tracker is accurate


  • Contain limited modern features

Windows 4G Smart Watch Replacement Parts

There are many windows 4G smart watch replacement parts you can find on the market, and most are very affordable and durable. Let’s check them out…

Strap or Bracelet

The duty of a strap or bracelet is to wrap the smartwatch securely around your wrist. Smartwatch straps or bracelets are designed using different types of materials such as leather, fabric, stainless steel, and rubber.

Lug Ends

This is known as the watch’s area that’s responsible for connecting the watch head with the strap or bracelet. It plays a major role in watch production and can be found on the market when you want a replacement.


A watch’s case is known as the housing of the watch. This can be in plastic, ceramic or metal. A watch case does the same function as the skin of your body and can be easily purchased when needed.

Clasp or Buckle

This is also known as the fastening mechanism you find on the strap or bracelet. However, you can hardly see this component visibly on a watch.

Mineral Crystal Glass

This is responsible for protecting the watch’s face. The replacement glass material is very affordable, and most of them are scratch resistant.


Smartwatch batteries can easily be found on the market, and they can be peeled out and replaced with no tools. Most Smartwatches come with 300 mAh Li-ion batteries, which can last between 2 to 6 days when fully charged.

LCD digitizer cable

This is what helps in connecting LCD with motherboard and can only be replaced by a technician

Motherboard with CPU

This is what houses 1 GHz dual core along with other electronic components, and can only be replaced by a technician.


Sensors are responsible to measure heart rate, monitor sleeping patterns, track your activities, and many more. But they can only be replaced by a technician.

Buttons or Keys

Smartwatches have keys and buttons that can be used to operate various functions like “Home”, “Back” etc. Though there are watches with touch screens. These buttons can be replaced easily by a technician whenever it becomes faulty.


Windows compatible smartwatches are good and can perform better with windows phones and other windows devices. The 10 windows compatible smartwatches in 2023 that are reviewed here are simply the best when you talk about connectivity and durability.

Asides their functionalities and features, they have long battery life which last between 5 to 30 days when fully charged. The interesting part is that it takes about 2 hours to get them charged. So if you’re looking at buying the best Smartwatches For Windows Phone 2023, then any of the above Windows watches will be ideal for you.